Thursday, 17 May 2012

Zombie Knit illustrations

Madalaine The Zombie Bear illustrated

More Madalaine


Madalaine the Zombie Bear

Madalaine The final product complete!

So here is Madalaine resting in her box with her own little blankie to comfort her. She has a tag attached to her with the product name Zombie Knit and that it was handmade by me. She also has a adoption certificate.

I hope to one day make many Zombie Knit products and have my own online store and or try to get these zombie critters into shops.

Friday, 4 May 2012

The First

This man was from Plymouth he had lost his eyelids from a bomb so he was the first man to have skin from another part of his body transplanted onto his face and with time his body made him the eyelids he needed pretty amazing huh?

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The man who went to war

This illustration is of a man who was disfigured by war (world war 2) and had one of the first skin grafts so his face could heal. I find the photographs of these men and women very powerful and wished to illustrate them. This was done in coloured pencil.

Tootsie the sickly unicorn

So this is Tootsie she is a rabbit eared unicorn. She has a habit of getting sick so she can counsel those who are of a delicate disposition. She understands.

I love toys so I make them

Here are a bunch of critters I have knitted and sewn I hope to eventually sell them on Etsy if I can bear to part with them.