Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Cramps Uncut magazine cover

I zombiefied the band The Cramps and made it into a music mag cover. The band rules! as do zombies!


Portrait of a imaginary fellow

The Human Heart zine

A little minizine I made 2 years back

Look what I made!

I love faeries so much that I try to capture them in thermotrope cages.

Posters 2nd

Posters that were used at uni for are exhibition when I was a second year.

Life drawing from fashion magazines

I sometimes use fashion magazines for reference when drawing faces most of the stick insects in them have good bone structure which is good to draw even if I am thinking the hole time about shoving a pie  in there pouty mouths.


Illustrations in watercolour and acrylic ink for the russian fairytale Vasalisa

Monster City end

My main character for my story GhostGirl and the Princess at the end of the story.

Monster city continued

Monsters having plastic surgery

Monster City

A illustration I did for a story I wrote to do with plastic surgery. A story to promote self love not boob jobs.