Monday, 20 August 2012

The Fox and The Deer

These are some drawings I did for pure enjoyment that eventually became cards.


This is a poster I did with my friend Abby Regler and some students from another year. Abby did the left side and I did the right. The dark and light side of illustration.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Dollface friends

Many doll drawings one or too may surface as final pieces. They took ages with all the mixed media but the felt tips are always fun.

Ink Doll

A drawing based on a blythe doll I have. I used acrylic ink with a reed.

Sketchbook doodles for life drawing project

This drawing is based on a time when alistair observed me making a cheesy bagel.

Something matthew said to me in a very quite doctors waiting room.

Matthew forgets Im older than him.


Finished this one only today while watching recorded episodes of Grimm. I love that show.

Ice cream girl

One of the many drawings I have made over the last couple of weeks for my life drawing referral. I plan to make them into t-shirt designs with quirky sayings coming out of speech bubbles. My drawings are based on my bid dolls.